The fact that piercing parties will give you and your squad FUN alternatives you wouldn't often have at a traditional piercing studio (not ours ofcourse) is a key factor contributing to their popularity. 

These events also allow you and your besties a space to feel more at ease in your own setting and creates an intimate yet FUN experience.  Ya'all know at The Piercery, your piercing moment is what we live for!

Having done multiple events for L'oreal and Style Rotate to name a few - at locations like Sun City and the Skyy Building in Cape Town, we have just about done it all.

Another major advantage of piercing parties is that they are an excellent way to bring friends & family together to enjoy a non-scary, non-taboo and inviting occasion. Additionally, it gives everyone the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the spotlight!

Please send your brief and proposed date for your event here

Please note these events are only available on Sunday afternoons or Saturday and Weekday evenings