Everything you need to know.

The Do's

✔ Wash your hands before cleaning
✔ Use our Piercery Healing Spray
✔ Look amazing and badass
✔ Feeling incredible and take on the world
✔ Come in for a free piercing check if ever you're worried

The Dont's

❌ Don't touch
❌ Don't fiddle
❌ Don't turn or twist
❌ Don't pick at your crusties
❌ Don't use harsh liquids
❌ Don't sleep on your piercing
❌ Again... DON'T TOUCH!

Aftercare Instructions

✔ 01

In the shower with clean running water, use unscented soap to gently clean piercings twice a day for the first week or so. Thereafter, lessen the frequency.

✔ 02

Use clean paper towel/tissue to gently dab your piercing dry. Don't use a bath towel/cloth as your piercing could snag on it and these fabrics could contain bacteria.

✔ 03

Pump one spray of our Piercery Healing Spray onto the back and front of your piercing. Gently dab away the excess with paper towel.

✔ 04

If you are experiencing a flare up or start getting the dreaded piercing bump, you can try a salt soak with our Aphraheal's Sea Salt Band available in-stores.

✔ 05

What is normal for initial piercings?
- Oozing of a yellowish/white liquid
- Crustiness/build-up of secretions
- Bruising, bleeding and itching
- Tissue feels tight around the jewellery
- Localised pain/tenderness and swelling

✔ 06

Find the balance. Don't under clean and don't clean too much. Remove build-up but be careful not to pick off crusties that could open up the would and cause bleeding.

✔ 07

Apart from cleaning your piercing in the shower, don't submerge your piercings in water like baths, pools or the sea. Keep it dry unless you are cleaning it.

✔ 08

Use a travel pillow to avoid sleeping on your piercing. Also avoid bumping your piercing as this trauma will cause flare-ups, swelling and even piercing bumps. Movement is a no-no.

✔ 09

Healing is not a linear journey. It's an individual experience and depends on how well YOU look after your piercing. Lobes take approx 2 months and everything else is approx 3-12 months.

When is it time to downsize? You'll notice you were pierced with a longer bar/ larger hoop to accommodate swelling. If there is no discharge, swelling, redness or soreness this could mean it's time to downsize. Come in and see us and we can assess.